Top 10 Pictures From Sri Lanka’s Coast

Sri Lanka has a gorgeous coastline with diverse, photogenic landscapes. Here are our favourite pictures from Sri Lanka’s Coast.

1. Ahangama

Stilt fishing is a uniquely Sri Lankan tradition. This picture, capturing the fishermen on their stilts at sunset in Ahangama, is our favourite picture.

2. Midigama

These two surfers, coming out of the water at sunset, is a perfect example of Sri Lanka’s beautiful beaches.

3. Trincomalee

On the shore in Trincomalee, the fishermen work together to pull in one of their many large fishing nets.

4. Midigama

A beautiful sunrise behind a patch of palm trees on one of Midigama’s small beaches. The fishing stilts add the finishing touches to this beautiful scene..

5. Kalpitiya

It was perfect timing to get this shot of a skilled net fisherman as he casts out his net on Kalpitiya’s beach.

6. Kalpitiya

Dozens of kites soar above the sandbar that forms Kalpitiya Lagoon. We had this lovely view everyday in Kalpitiya.

7. Galle

We love this picture of Galle’s Lighthouse above the impenetrable wall of Galle Fort.

8. Tangalle

An early morning sky sets the background for these beached, Sri Lankan fishing boats, and one that is already in the water.

9. Hikkaduwa

We’re glad this surfer stayed out for one more ride so we could catch the sun setting behind him to take this great picture.

10. Kalkudah

This typical beach scene with palm trees and white sand is made exclusively Sri Lankan with the addition of a skinny fishing boat on the sand.

Coming up next: Top 10 Pictures from Sri Lanka’s Highlands and Interior.

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