Top Ten Pictures from Myanmar

Myanmar is very photogenic. From the beautiful sunsets, to the stunning ancient architecture to the local culture we saw many amazing scenes. Here are our favourite photos from our time there.

1. Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon – At night the entire complex is lit up allowing for this spectacular view.

2. Kyauk Kalap, Hpa-An – This tall, sheer pinnacle rock with a pagoda perched on the top is interesting on its own. The monks walking past made this one a favourite.

3. U-Bein Bridge, Amarapura – The beautiful sunsets at this teak bridge are simply amazing.

4. Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon – These stunning, white pagodas display the opulence of the complex.

Shewdagon Pagoda, Yangon
Shewdagon Pagoda, Yangon

5. Mt Kyiktiyo, Kinpun – This Yati Hermit Monk was one of the most amazing people we saw in Myanmar

Yati Hermit monk on walkway to Golden Rock
Yati Hermit monk on walkway to Golden Rock

6. Bagan – Away from the tourist sites, we were able to find this secluded pagoda surrounded by flowers and trees.

7. Inle Lake – The floating gardens at Inle Lake are an impressive display of human’s ability to adapt.

Floating gardens, Inle Lake
Floating gardens, Inle Lake

8. Inle Lake – The balancing basket fishermen of Inle Lake appear to be dancing on the ends of their dugouts.

Basket fisherman, Inle Lake
Basket fisherman, Inle Lake

9. Mt Kyiktiyo, Kinpun -The Golden Rock clings to the side of the mountain, defying gravity as devotees cover it in gold leaves.

10. Mrauk U – The ancient pagodas at Mrauk U are most beautiful when they are glowing from the red rays of sunrise and sunset.

11. Honourable Mention – Chin Tribal Villages, Rakhine – This tattooed-face lady has such an interesting face including her bamboo pierced ears.

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