Top 15 Pictures From The Indian Himalayas

The Indian Himalayas covers a large area with very diverse scenery. From the desert-like regions in Ladakh to the high snow-capped mountains in Uttarakhand, the mountain vistas are amazing. Here are our favourite pictures from our time in the Indian Himalayas. 

1.The steep hike up to Tapovan meadow was worth it to have this incredible view of Mount Shivling. 

2. For much of the Source of the Ganges Trek we had amazing views of the majestic Bhagirathi 1,2,3.

3. The Great Lakes Trek in Kashmir had many spectacular views. This one of Vishansar and Krishnasar Lakes remains one of our favourites.

3. The bright colours of the alpenglow on the Nanda Devi made for an amazing picture. 

4. We love this image of this novice monk on his way up to the cliff-side Phuktal Gompa.

5. The flat topped peak of Mt. Hathi Ghoda, poking through the clouds to catch the last few rays of the sun for a gorgeous alpenglow.

6. The tumultuous clouds made for interesting scenery below Hampta Pass. 

7. These stone Hindu shrines provide a nice contrast to the snow-capped Garhwal Range behind. 

8. This picture is so colourful with ripe amaranth fields in bright gold, orange and red contrasting the white Nanda Devi Range behind. 

9. Drang-Drung Glacier is one of the largest glaciers in Asia and is very picturesque. 

10. The bright green fields of buckwheat and barley provided a great contrast to the arid mountains in the Markha Valley.

11. The incredible fall colours on the ridge walk between the Kullu and Parvati Valleys made for a great picture.

12. We were amazed at the views on the Naggar to Malana trek, including this rugged, steep gorge with clouds boiling up from the valley below. 

13. It was such a pretty walk along the Bhagirathi River with the gorgeous fall colours and the tall peaks of Gangotri I at the end of the valley.

14. The hill-side village of Hinju was very picturesque with its white houses built along the brown mountain slopes above the green barley and buckwheat fields.

15. The lush valleys of the Hampta Pass Trek were so green it was a shock after trekking in arid Ladakh. 

Honourable Mention – We had to include this picture of the white Buddhist chortens against the arid mountains on the Markha Valley Trek. 

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